18 Bests to Welcome 2018 (Because we’re not yet done)

You did not see this coming, did you? 😉

If there’s a top 18 for cakes, our pastries would definitely not pass up to the heat!

The struggle of trimming this down to a number was definitely present again. [ We really wanted to share a lot! 🙁 ] But it was truly a treat to recall these works we proudly show to you today.

Take a sweet trip with us as we look back on our favorite plumgineered dessert works! Let’s toast to another #everydaynew #everydayplummed 2018!


And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through him.

1 Corinthians 15:57




Indeed, as Lumiere puts it (and so shall we), “Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test“.

But dear, oh dears. Who among you still remember the grey stuff?

“Try the grey stuff”

“It’s delicious!”

“Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!”


Let us tell you the tale of how it was such a #DelightfulLittleDarlings day through our “piece de resistance” starring:

“It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now, we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, ad the dining room proudly presents your dinner [desserts].”

Thank you Delightful Little Darlings as always your takes are endearing!



(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Let us know your favorite among the three. Cos for us it’s everything painted <3

Because who says flamingos have to have one look?



Or showered with royalty.

You can never go wrong with something pink, fab and elegant.


Winter Strokes

On another account of painted works [Yup, it’s all about our animal friends], they really look cozy with their scarves and bonnets on don’t they?

Did you know: once a brushstroke or a palette bleeds even a little leads you back to square one

This is certainly an SOP for us.

Either it leaves our doors adorably perfect and performance-excellent, or you get OT until its right. Because we are out to serve with nothing but of ace quality in mind!



Got an affection for sweet meringue filled with the soft touch of whipped creamSS?

And as Sugarplum is — it doesn’t stops there:

Fruits within fruits within fruits!

Every delicious petal carefully planted and lifted to achieve our closest take of floral perfection. Shades of charm and delight envelope each given arrangement to produce a captivating fashion.


Chocolate Covered “Jiao”s

Have you ever wondered how this Cantonese custom started?

Let’s go a-wayyy back shall we?

As our mind usually wonders whenever we conceptualize and bake [Yes, they may look real and steamed but please watch out for your sugar level, Yeye and Nainai!], we got to wondering:

Where did this all start?

How did once upon a time came across to make these homey oh la la wonders?

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Linked with yum cha, or “tea time” which was a very very old tradition. Basically the elders grew tired of not munching on something while enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Hence, the unique culinary art of Dim Sum was born.

Don’t be fooled! They are only as big as your favorite oreo cookie!

The chocolatiest Chinese food ever!!!



“Let them eat cake”, an icon once said.

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

We say back, “let them eat cupcake!” In some cases it’s way better and deceiving to the diet.

Plus, no one should ever-ever have a boring cupcake.

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

The perfect partner with the posh pamper every lady deserves!


Sleeping in Elegance

May it be a spa-rty or a cuddly pajama party; this sugar cookie is perfect for any bridal or pillow-fight occasion!

Just let us know. We’ll even throw in fluffy slippers to nibble on to!


A Fresh Catch

Truth be told: we just grew tired of the usual shells, seaweeds, corals, starfishes, fishes, mermaids, turtles, dolphins, seahorses, sharks — when we played around under the sea themes.

Lovely just thought what’s left to make? Did I run out of elements?

And it was there right in front of her face. Literally even in the waters. Bubbles!

But how to present them in a whole new different way?

Well, it ain’t common seeing a bubble carrying the sand and sea elements, am I right?

And before I forget — everything is soft and edible. Well, except the cupcake liners!


“Oh, kwet!!!”

We just love these little bums!!!

Out of the usual cake pop faces that even lead to whole body cake pops — what else is there???

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Call in those fluffy tails and squishy bottoms!

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Could you tell which behinds belong to which? Tee hee


Take Me Hole

Who knew something so beautiful could be so sinful [To the diet plan, iykwim]?

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

🍩+❁+🍩+❁ #wemadeithappen


(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Ought to know:
1) she’s fried, coated in fine dark chocolate, and topped with deliciously delicate crafted cream

2) Yup, this is the exact size of our mini doughnuts

Give in.

It’s worth extending the cheat day for.


Nerd Shots

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” -AE

We hope we gave you a clear view of the microscopic bacteria jellos. Hello down there, yummies!!!

There’s always a brilliant idea in store for the every days. Are you at the edge of your seat, fellow prober? Get ready for our collection of pure madness and chaos bwahahaha!

Give your “oooh”s and “ahhh” analysis on our exceptional experiment in our #sugarplumed lab. We welcome you to an array of a simple childhood favorite – tested and turned to a clever pastry.


Desert Dessert


(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Where do you think this looks better – on banana walnuts or chocolates?

Under the same family as the floral doughnuts; these soft, mouthwatering, appetizing succulents sprouted about!

We present to you: the mini cupcake VS cupcake!


(For a better view you can click on the photos)

“Full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air.” -WOS


Pop! Goes the Meringue

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Because why not?!


“Light me up,” said MT

We have a brilliant idea in store for you these couple o’ days, boys and girls – it’s almost mad!!

We’re upgrading everything else, why leave the tower simple?

With an approximate of 6″ x 15″ and 50 catch, the lighted meringue tower was born.


HANG on there, Gingerbreads

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Another one from Delightful Little Darlings:

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

From the bottom of our hearts – thank you, DLD team. You guys literally are a delight to work with! And your shots are always so loved <3

Dear Photographer and Videographer colleagues, do let us know if we’ve worked with you. We’d super love to share your amazing shots and #sugarplumed moments!


Bloom. Always

What better way to attract butterflies?

May it be soft and luscious or delicately refined; we got you covered – flower-wise!

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Couldn’t imagine life without one’s passion.


Glamorous Cheesecake

Even cheesecakes are accessorized before leaving our doors.

May they be in shooters or cold shots, we’d customize up to the last detail even on their liners or glasses. Always the best foot – and proposal, forward!

Here we have cheesecakes in shortcrust finished off with gold leaf.


Dr. Adorable Cookies

Leaving you with some ticklish sweetie pies for the eyes!

Let’s keep our days sweet!


Our never ending thanks to our wonderful and most trusting clients, partners, and colleagues, turned into friends; your loyalty and patience is such a blessing we could not help but share!

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