18 Bests to Welcome 2018!

2017 definitely had its kicks! Checking off yet another year filled with innovative juices, new concepts, experimental adrenaline, not to mention blessings upon blessings of very trusting clients and colleagues!

And as we enter 2018 — we thank you, everyone.

With this reminiscing article, take a trip with us as we gladly and proudly look back on our favorite plumgineered cake creations!

(If you just knew how hard it was trimming this article down to 18 top picks!)


And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

1 Corinthians 15:57



Beauty and the Beast

Audrey Belle’s theme — as old as time (see what I did there) last April was definitely one for the books! Our grandest one yet. With its magnificent height of 5&1/2ft and a width of a pronounced hugeness, no guest would go unturned.

As quaint as the Beast’s tower should be, every corner and balcony is lighted up for you too see: panels upon panels of creative stained glass-likeness – as its old storybook famously marked; twirl here twirl there – could you guess which one/s twirled-out from the rest?; and to top it off (literally), the delicately cherished Enchanted Rose.

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Had a lot of fun working with Rita Neri Event Planners for this big achieve!


Black Lights Under the Sea

The grey sea creeps half-visible, half-hushed,

And grasps with its innumerable hands…

Glimmering infinity, I feel the wash

And hear the sibilation of the waves…

That whisper to each other as they push

The quiet welter of a shifting world.

(-Sri Aurobindo)

Wondering how calm and beautiful everything is under the ocean once the sun goes down?

Last August 19, as Olivia Jade celebrated her 1st birthday, we got the chance to give our Sugarplumed take on that. With Kym Guevara of Moments and Memories Events Unlimited for coordination and Styled by Deiz for styling, we could tell you: it’s as mysterious and otherworldly at nightfall as it is beyond enchanting by daylight.

Now that we’ve leaped over lighted cakes to blinking-dancing ones, how do you level it up more? Move over led lights! Hello black lights!


(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Let’s all be as patient (and as expectant) as a fellow fisherman, very keen on our website for the evolution of lighted cakes and a high tide-take on this huge under the sea beaut!

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Come and SEA for yourself.


An Interactive Dollhouse

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

My personal favorite. Oh if you guys just saw this up close! Even mommy and daddy would join in the fun!

A question: how do you display a cake with no front or back side? No sweat for Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila as he said, “Put it in the center!”

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Give the door a rap-tapping and the porch lights up – just your basic etiquette. But how far does this cake go for interaction, you say? Come on in and let’s find out!

Even tito and tita would plead, “Just one more hour! My tea is still brewing and Mr. Sniffles is about to break bread and his news”.


A Fancy Flamingo

Didn’t expect this on a flamingo, am I right? But it goes surprisingly well, without a doubt!

Because we didn’t get stuck with just tropical flowers 😉

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

We would like to thank the Alejandro family for trusting us to throw in some new kicks that eventually resulted with this spectacular concept. Something pleasing at the same time playfully impressing for Rosemarie’s 16th.


Admit One, Please

Because magic has depth!

The main commodity in every cirque is its oohs and aahs so Lovely really had fun with this one planning alongside Bespoke Manila. No more playful descriptions here – this cake speaks for itself!

Oh and did I mention its surround light bulbs below are edible? 😉



It’s all about the width for deconstructed cakes – and that’s just what Robyn’s mom wanted. With our collaboration with Party Starters, everything was performance ready!

Do you see the story line in this piece? It shouts: Never Stop Dreaming

  1. You bought your first ever album (and kept buying and buying and buying) and decided that someday you’ll sing along with your favorite band/singer
  2. The song just couldn’t get out of your head! And you have nothing to do while finishing bath time. Differently pitched words came out of your mouth – and you’re singing! And decided that someday you’ll sing along with your favorite band/singer
  3. You got the courage (and saved up allowances) to purchase your very own instrument. Practicing day in and day out, and decided that someday you’ll sing along with your favorite band/singer
  4. You’re finally up on stage. And your favorite band/singer is singing alongside you!


The Jumanji Thrill

“Don’t you wish you could take a single childhood memory and blow it up into a bubble and live inside it forever?”

This quote hit me as much as the realization of creating the 80s’ game board fever on cake!

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Because Ryan & RJ of Party Project already checked the box for its magical jungle setting, we thought to make the very core of where these whirlwind of animals and ancient mystic came from. With an approximate base of 70×50″ standing at a near 2ft, don’t let this taunt you into playing. You might get trapped forever in a sweet seduction of chocolate banana walnuts!

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Can’t you just hear the beat of their drums?


Floating Fairies

As magical as they are, they don’t need pixie dust where we make ’em!

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

But you do need to believe and stay positive that you can. 🙂 Thank you, Bespoke Manila, for time and time again believing in us and challenging us to dream big, conceptualize and create.

They have wings don’t they? Let’s make ’em flutter!


“Swing by, Olivia”

Yes, we swing! cakes like craazyy (literally lol)

A 2ft. tall suspended cake filled with love, joy, wonder, laughter, never ending childhood fun! And of course, gum paste upon gum paste of (literally) sweet smelling flowers.

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

All for the one and only Olivia <3 Our love and best wishes for the sweet Illustrisimo family, thank you for always having us! Alongside Events by Lia, we always put our best foot forward!


When Unicorns Wink

Remember our Twirling Unicorns & Dancing Lights article?

It blinks, it dances, it sparkles! Have a glitter-ful start of the year, guys! This is us flirting with your imagination! 😉

Turning our soft bubble textures into dreamy cloud-like mystics — and to fit every imagination linking to unicorns, fairy princesses, and everything nice: dancing lights! Everything fit perfectly with Party Station‘s magical styling!


Oh, Pooh Bear

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

I thought I heard the leaves rustle, thinking that the Mr. Sanders tree came to life.

Lovely and I just adored little Liam’s theme. Rekindling our pleasant memories with Pooh Bear and the gang when we were kids.

Don’t you just love how Party Magic (as if literally) brought out the Hundred Acre Wood down at San Juan?

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Such gentle and innocent stories this cake tells: who do you think made a prank on Eeyore; and all of the bees are buzzing, “oh no where’s our honey again?”


Minecraft, lastcraft

Almost a year, in a couple of days, since we made an oath to our last minecraft cake ever. We swore we’d make a big bang outta it! Shower the lucky one with all the plumgineered shenanigans giving it all our twirly whirly woos and lighted aahs.

Wondering who’s the little mister sugarplum or little miss sugarplum that got it? 😉

None other than the big man himself — the true boss!

With a height of almost 3ft this certainly took its toll on mommy Lovely. But as in any other cake creation — it was so worth it, darling!



Who says 4-layered cakes can’t look as awesome as this?

A 3ft deconstructed cake for big boy Liam turning 7! Inspired by none other than the classic gotta catch ’em all Pokemon. We just had to make a big wow-fondant-representation to these legendary wild ones along with their glorious teams.

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

The discipline for well crafted, polished, precise, and substantial outcomes — our partners always whenever creating, besides our collaboration with Suzette Villamater of Celebrations Unlimited and Dianne Khu of Dianne Khu Designs on this one, that’s the secret!


Gold Drip

Ooze out the fancy in you!

Thick luscious drips of gold on the mighty color of emerald green, adorned with gentle hues of red. This perfectly goes with any occasion!

Every delicious petal carefully planted and lifted to achieve our closest take of floral perfection.

Shades of charm and delight envelope each given arrangement to produce a captivating fashion.

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

What is it about buttercream that makes one exclaim “ooh buttercream!” because it was never as simple as its friendly looked seemed.



(For a better view you can click on the photos)

The Pagoda Challenge. Literally made us pagod, ah after (lol).

Certainly one of our tallest! We just had to make the elements look real and majestically detailed depicting the great dynasties back then. But kid-friendly all the while!

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Our love with cultural tales and architectural works are shown in every castle/tower creation we make. Every balcony, every tower, tells a powerful story from each ashlar up to their bilateral symmetry. We, at Sugarplum Pastries, match each of our quality work with quality taste. Whole body shot and even up close, sides and back — you can be assured every little detail is flawless and intact.

With this lighted 3-storey pagoda, it didn’t need a spotlight to make itself known to the guests. Check out how it blended perfectly with Party Magic‘s set up on this great civilization’s decorative details!

(For a better view you can click on the photos)



Something Repetto for the kids?

A start up for a[n edible] ballerina dream; as tall as a sweet little one turning 7.

“It will cost you nothing to dream and everything not to.”

Check out a baker’s curtsy made last February 2017 on this.


Yes, it’s another Under the Sea cake

(For a better view you can click on the photos)

Amara’s plumgineered twirly whirly cake was the debut as well for our lighted soft bubbles concept, last July 2017.

We super loved how Jaz Distrito of Sweet Nest Events made everything well together! How could it not when right from the small details everything was sorted 😉

(For a better view you can click on the photos)


And Up We Go!

Mid-August we had the thrill of turning this idea into soft balloons! Think of Mr. Fredrickson and Russel up in the clouds with those sweet (and yes very edible) balloons carrying them higher and higher — just like the sugar rush it kicks in!

Thanks for the adventure, dear clients, let’s go and have another one!!!


Our never ending thanks to our wonderful and most trusting clients, partners, and colleagues, turned into friends; your loyalty and patience is such a blessing we could not help share!


Want more? 😉 

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