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A Roller-Tsum! Tsum!

What’s the first thing you expect on a Tsum Tsum themed cake?

Because we are so over stacked up Tsum Tsum characters, carousels, ferris wheels even. Let’s think big. Let’s think #plumgineered!

Twirly whirly teacup merry-go-rounds; lighted entrance ways; how about everything there is to see in a carnival, plus one more?
Roller coaster more?

So much love and our big hoorays for the Cortez family! For trusting us with this outrageous concept! It wasn’t much at first. We didn’t even think they’d ride along our never-been-seen-before idea. But with ounces upon ounces of every family’s trust – your dear suppliers, turned into friends, will always ALWAYS put their best foot (and blueprints!) forward in a n y t h i n g & e v e r y t h i n g. You can be sure of this.

We thought of everything there is to see in a carnival because – yes they can always be replicated by confectioner.
So what else besides carousels and ferris wheels? And popcorns and stages and mini carts?

Can I get a yes on this trivia:
Whenever you go on an amusement park, the main highlight is experiencing what their roller coaster has to offer, am I right?

Our thought:
So why not incorporate this?

With Sugarplum Pastries, ideas like this is what we love the most!

As you can see all of the Tsum Tsum characters definitely gave their RSVPs for Amari’s birthday bash: Mickey & the gang, Buzz, Sven, The Hulk, even the storm troopers, and Disney princesses made sure their clan was present and ready to party!

It was truly a wonderful, colorful, and exciting celebration any family wouldn’t want to miss out on.

We have a long debt when it comes to website articles. This just happened a week ago, but we must share it to the world ASAP! Ta-dah!

Oh and don’t forget to take a look at what we did for her pastries! To be posted soon 😉

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