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Confectioner Interaction

A Dollhouse for a girl


My personal favorite.

Oh, if you guys just saw this up close! Even mommy and daddy would join in the fun.


Question: How do you display a cake with no front or back side?

No sweat for Ernest Pascual of Bespoke Manila as he said, “Put it in the center!” and it was done.

Just give the door a rap-tapping and the front porch lights up – just your basic etiquette.

But how far does this cake go for interaction, you say? Come on in and let’s find out!

Even aunts and uncles would plead, “Just one more hour! My tea is still brewing and Mr. Sniffles is about to break his big news,” all the while munching on the 2nd floor!

Inspired by her favorite childhood toy, how many of you remember 1989’s compact frenzy? Polly Pocket!

It truly amazes us how far birthday cakes go as the event industry got bigger and grander this couple of years. And we feel truly blessed for clients and partners giving us a chance to show how far we can go in terms of this!


Unique and well-thought of designs — what we are most proud of. How it came to be that interaction, architecture, interior, and delicacy came about so harmoniously, all in confectionery!


Question: How long did it take for this project to finish?

Truthfully speaking, it never does. Even when you’re up to the last finishing touches you think of something great to add on again. But then we save it for the next ones.

As for this dollhouse, the “blueprint” started as early as a month before the actual event date. When you work with Ernest Pascual you make it a point that this happens. And the collaboration never fails – he aids you with mood board and pegs, never ending inspiration, and welcomes fresh ideas. Even if it sounds like it’ll never work, when you have a trusting and creative colleague, it always does.



A Luxe Lodge for a boy

What comes into your mind as you plan out your dream house? A welcoming porch opening up to a warm and greeting threshold; silk drapes hanging from the duplex uncovering a playful nook; huge windows that lets the light in just enough to greet you a wonderful morning every time you wake up – sounds like a vacation house, eh?

That’s just what we made for Rafael Javier’s 1st birthday cake alongside Michelle Lao’s team, Party Magic, last 25th of March just before the Easter break. A luxury safari lodge teasing the eyes of families and guests, reminding everyone that in a few days time they get to enjoy their own as summer unfolds! The party itself was a well-deserved treat for everyone there. I don’t know about the people there, but the lush and laid back output of Michelle really took us on a cozy euphoria!

This lodge house’s inspiration came from Lovely’s deepest luxe desire to take a long well-deserved beach vacation. Which, for most of our close friends know, she never had.

Yes, she never does.

She is that hard working and eager to be back in the kitchen and serve – even in the holidays. That’s what you get when you’ve been well-rounded as a pastry chef. The holidays are the busiest.

But it was certainly a special treat for the Sugarplum team: planning our own dream getaway while doing what we love most! What we truly thank the Liao family for <3


How long did this house take to finish this time?

Since we already did a successful interactive house, it made it easier to finish on a 2-week span. Considering the house before was lighted in every room, and this wasn’t.


Clients may wonder why we take forever to send out sketch proposals. Here’s the answer:

“I take forever to sketch, but it’s because I dwell on the ideas and wait for inspiration. Long enough to have something totally out of the generic idea and create something new. I don’t copy from any design, so every laid down plot up to their last detail is fresh. The blueprint, the structure, the proportions, even the witty interiors are strong and original, and perfectly delicious – these are what I am most proud of.”

This is what Sugarplum is. As we type the hashtag #everydaynew you can be certain, and we are proud, that every time it truly is #everdayplummed !

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