Love & Lavenders

Simple but very precise.

“People might look at it as simple and plain, but it stands out kasi elegant and malinis,” as Lovely shares about the demure piece. “Pero the particular / elegant ones are the hard things to do because you cannot mask imperfections.”

But how does one really attain the concept as close to perfection as possible? This certainly was not done by Sugarplum Pastries alone.

Besides the fact that shades of lilac was the mom’s favorite, “a lavender themed shoot of Denise also inspired me and the mom to go with this theme,” said Ernest of Bespoke Manila as he shared how the brainstorming happened.

“When we first came up with the idea of doing a lavender themed shoot, it was in hopes of encouraging our clients to think of new ideas for their parties,” mentioned Denise of Delightful Little Darlings.

And these were just a handful from the different teams who made Layla Alessandra’s christening beautifully promising. Every conception is heard and respected; as each individual task is distributed knowing each would put their best foot forward to bring the client’s desired concept excellently.

In a nutshell: where everyone is working well together,                              the collaborated production would be better than ever

Working in this industry you get to meet a lot of people. And what’s great about it is you get to work with them in ways and times determined by scheduled instances. Which leads to a certain familiarity of how one works – passionately, creatively, promptly – each with different themes, each with different clients. There, colleague-relationship sparks as one exclaims, “Hi! Nice to work with you again!” until the next, “I knew it was yours when I saw this and that”.

Working with Bespoke Manila for quite a number of events, a deep foundation of trust has been established, especially with the challenging, clean, and clever Ernest Pascual and his team.

This is what makes their team Bespoke Manila –their output speaks for itself.

Entwined vine-like leaves with assortments of purple and a like flowers to match what it centers — layers upon layers of fresh flowers forming the grandeur of a chandelier — given more highlight by suspended white blooms. Adorn with the leaves, glistening spectacles would awe you with the harmony of everything you’d just have to be there! Keep in mind that this remarkable dessert gazebo also had it’s debut alongside Layla’s. Very refreshing as a baptism ought to be.


No space for hiding imperfection.

No room for mistakes.

Got one wrong or smudged?

Do it again as long as it takes.

There aren’t much elements involved but the amount of effort done does not differ. We unfold how Lovely took her time in loving the right kind of lavender.

“Purple is very hard to do kasi it discolours agad. A technical aspect. Purple, lilac, lavender. It took me a lot of years to realize and learn that.

A tip for bakers and enthusiasts as well: kailangan kabisado mo yung shade, yung level of fading. Sa sunlight, sa air, chaka sa time; kung kalian yung delivery and production.

Kailangan ma-timing-an mo, especially on this ombre cake.”

And I must say. It was as if it was no trouble at all.

“Our goal is just to make it pleasing to the eyes, lay each item to highlight them individually and as a whole. It just so happened that everything looked great together.” And you were very much accurate, Ernest!

It really showed Bespoke Manila through Sugarplum Pastries, taking into account the concept where everything came to be, balancing the outlook of how the family’s story is timely captured by Delightful Little Darlings; a piece of each team in the whole.

“This was our last party for 2016 and we were happy to end it with such a sweet note… How lovely that the year has come full circle!” Denise, to cap this article off 🙂

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