“whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”

Really, How Do Unicorns Dream?

We know what their mystical fart looks like: glittery heaven. Even their own rainbow poo.

But the real question is, once the night creeps in and all their rainbow glory is tucked away; how in the world do unicorns sleep? What goes on in their heads whilst the night sings them a lullaby? HOW CUTE ARE THEY SNOOZING THE NIGHT AWAY?

We’ve got the answer right here!

Check out this little darling snoozing away. Its dreams, as dark as the night is, doesn’t recede its colorful rays — portraying what happened and what would on its days to come. Stars, literally dangling, on top of its head dancing and playing all night long — you’d thought this only happens in cartoons but no.

Everything magical we’d thought would never exist; here comes the unicorns saying, “this is our everyday, oh, they’re only just the gist!”

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