The Next Big Thing

Drape effect, perfect!

From a baby darling cake on her dedication day, to an exquisite twirly whirly and lighted one yesterday.

We thank the family for having us again!

Not only did we welcome the first birthday of Giannie Aleyna, but also a previse on Sugarplum’s next big thing!

Drape effect, perfect!

With our love for the Victorian Era we found it very fitting at the same time a bold move to open the new year with our new line up, or as we say, the next big thing.

A closer look for this towering 3-tiered beauty:

With the very delicate hand for fondants and colors, it was made sure these ombre drapes would charmingly go well with the bunches and arrays of flowers in white and pinks. An ensemble of gold sequence gave the royal touch (not to mention befitting additional texture) making the name topper stand out against all pinks.

And if I may say, it was indeed a smart move to have a semi-shadow effect for the name topper. Making any angle a focus on the celebrant — Giannie.

Speaking of angles. Who would miss the highlight (of the party, in fondant of course) of the cake?

Amidst draped-tower couture, under her own luminescence, twirled fondant baby Giannie — poised and gentle to view her secret garden party. With another favorite icon of ours topping the whole cake — a magnificent bronze vase filled with roses, peonies, cosmos, and cabbage roses.

Our take on a secret garden theme; adding modern Victorian edge: stylishly textured and elegantly executed.

Stay posted with us on how the next big thing develops! 🙂

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