First Sugarplum Pastries 2018 Post



Doughnuts. Macarons. Sugar cookies. Chocolates. INF cookies. Meringues. Eclairs. Truffles.

Which ones are your favorite in our dessert spread?

(c) Bella Morcen

“But my, oh my, I better set some aside for my little bunny!”

I’m sure all of us said this 😂 Why should this be a struggle for guests? Or to anyone??

Introducing: A New Dessert Take-Away!

Whether it be a debut, wedding, or a simple birthday party — let your guests take home a little part of the celebration: custom made desserts with a touch, always, of the theme.

Choose your favorites in our dessert selection and trust that we’ll suggest nothing but the finest proposal and overall look that will leave your guests feeling well-thought-of and full — in the heart and in the tummy!


What’s inside:

  1. Fried, not baked, mini doughnuts! White chocolaty-stroked with love
  2. Color of the theme carefully studied and incorporated on these elegant macaron confections filled with our secret ganache
  3. Our sugar cookies made babies! Say hello to their juniors — personalized just to fit their warm golden boxes
  4. Giveaways would not be complete if chocolates would be amiss! In match with the sugar cookie juniors, shades of blues mixed and danced to create the wondrous marble-harmony
  5. How to make the perfect  meringue?
  6. Our personal favorite, truffles. Dipped in another shade of blue, you’ll never know it has a secret — almonds!
  7. Love month can really be felt within our walls because our eclairs multiplied too! And to represent enters our mini eclairs topped off with the soft touch of an angel wing in a solid gold hue to boldly announce Gabrielle Mattias’ theme
  8. And, lastly, to give it the ol’home-baked touch — our INF cookieStill wondering what this means?


We’d love to thank Bella Morcen for the superb take exhibiting Gabrielle Mattias’ very thoughtful giveaway sweets!!! Just lovely, don’t you think?

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