Holiday Specials: My Funny Valentine

Not your typical February macaroons! With a dash of delivery a-s-a-p

What better way to let hubby know how sweet of a husband he is by getting him a box of sugary sweets? Maybe the answer for every cravings — meringues? Or how about the classic be my valentine macaroons?

For the girl you can’t wait to grow old with, wouldn’t it mean the world to her to have beautiful flowers that would symbolize your love for her – never wilting, and the best part (every girls secret fantasy) – edible.

How about declaring to that special someone how you feel about them admiringly but in a discreet gentleman manner?

How about having all of these in one?

An ombre collection of macaroon styled meringue with dark chocolate ganache filling perfectly minimizing and balancing out the sweetness half-dipped in white chocolate and finally a little fun with #sprinklebae to top of these yummies

We’re not stopping here!

Let us know where to take your purchase and we’ll deliver it to your valentine’s doorstep just like cupid!

And finally, to take your surprise up a notch, how about a flower? Something that’ll last longer than a regular darling but blooms and stuns just like the real one. What’s better is, if hubby or wifey still craves for something sweet after finishing off their box of meringue-macaroons, they could have a petal or the whole edible gum paste flower!

And yes, all flowers in these photos are Sugarplum Pastries made!



Hearty box of 12

Tempting box of 8

Good for 1 week

Recommended storage place is an airtight container

Want to add a flower or three?

Let us know what kind and we’ll give you a quote

See our well-crafted flower works in our portfolio, gallery, and on Instagram

*as fragile as a delicate flower

*better stored/displayed than consumed

*can last up to a year or two if well-kept

*keep flowers away from direct sunlight to keep colors from fading

*room temp to store

*kindly give us at least a week’s notice if order is to come with flower orders

For orders kindly fill up the ff and send via email here for us to check the availability,

as our services are limited per day

Client  name:
Contact #:
Email address:
Delivery date:

Delivery address:

Delivery time:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon as Valentine’s Day approaches!

Thank you and have a blessed hearty day!

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