There is more to than meets the eye

For the first couple of weeks of the month, we gave way to our 2016 debut cakes.

One of which was the highlight of September 24th

Photo by Happy Folks Studio

showing the beautiful portrait of Brianna Bunagan

made by the father Michael V

elegantly designed by Rorieboat

and printed by Amis Print

Upon entering the Silk Pavilion of Blue Leaf McKinley, the warm splendor of Blue Trumpet‘s #Yanni18 execution in planning and styling would definitely amaze and give you a tranquil feeling at the same time. Not to mention their brilliant coordination and production.

Feasting the eyes of beloved guests upfront, whilst waiting for the main attraction of the ball, is Sugarplum Pastries‘ 5-tiered fondant creation — illuminated.

But as our title suggests There is more to than meets the eye”

Polished details in and out captured by Happy Folks Studio

There’s a little magic that will only be shared here:

Simply poised and standing or head turningly illuminated

In both ways the cake is stunningly beautiful

As a 5-tier cake would evoke this towering cake was put together in the event by 2 from the Sugarplum team

Ensuring there would be no flaws before assembling everything together and lighted cake-wise, Romel Luna of Sugarplum Pastries triple checks and prepares what is needed to be done.

Setting up the cake and making sure everything is flawless — name topper, candles, flowers, the whole of the cake — is always exciting for us! We can see Lovely polishing, until the last detail, the daze piped pattern of the lighted layer.

Every tiny detail is important to us because this resembles the whole.

Quality is always a priority, in taste and outlook!

We are very much looking forward to working with you on your special debut, let us know!

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