Twirling Unicorns & Dancing Lights

Really, who wouldn’t give a second look at that title??

Yeah, you read it right!

Sugarplum is stepping it up a whole new level just before the merry season arrives!

We had a lotta buzz when we introduced our first ever lighted soft bubbles on yet another whole new level-take of under the sea concept.

If you missed it you can check out the amazing July 2017 cake im talking about!

Speaking of bubbles, who says we’re stopping there?

Mid-August we had the thrill of turning this idea into soft balloons this time! Think of Mr. Fredrickson and Russell up in the clouds with those large soft balloons carrying them higher and higher — just like the sugar rush it kicks in.

We had A LOT of Up themes lately, wait for our article about our adventures with thrill seeking families who opted for Dug, Kevin, and the whole pack. For the mean time check out our soft balloon take on this.

Now, comes another month, September.

And here we are evolving the concept yet again. 

Sugarplum doesn’t stop. Literally every single time its new 😉

Such colorful and magical clouds align whenever rainbows and unicorns entwine. And not to mention playful!

This time, we turned our soft bubble textures into dreamy cloud-like mystics — and to fit every imagination linking to unicorns, fairy princesses, and everything nice: dancing lights!

Oh yes. This is not just one of our regular lighted cakes.

It blinks, it dances, it sparkles!

What’s everything nice without the cherry on top of it all? Princess Cali!

With her trusted steed, had a grand performance defending our sweet pea as he’s all tired out we’re sure, and to surf the glittery starry night sky — her unfailing hot air balloon.

Did you know the qualities of a true magical princess? 2 things:

rainbow + throne

And to top everything off…

It’s always a yes. Whenever it involves a rotating unicorn.

It is always a yes.


It was truly anything but boring, magical and more up at Cali’s 1st stay updated, it’ll be posted soon!

Check out when, where, and who helped out to make the Noblejas’ little darling have the most wonderful magical unicorn day of her life.


Want the detailed-fun beauty? Without the ‘leaving you hanging’ feeling?

Check out more of this plumgineered twirly whirly and blinking creation right here!

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